Roofing Independence MO

In the summer of 2021 Roofing Independence MO experienced a major victory when the Missouri House of Representatives, which was controlled by the Missouri Farmers Union, voted to eliminate the mandatory roof insurance rates and the separate roof insurance ratings that went along with them. The House vote was an important victory for the independent and conservative forces in the legislature who had been fighting for years to eliminate these highly rated insurance rates. The elimination of these two important factors would have been a great victory for consumers all across the United States. Many consumers who had already obtained their respective homeowners insurance policies could soon see their rates lowered and savings realized as they were no longer required to pay both the state and national roofing insurance premiums.

Roofing Independence MO

The lack of uniformity in the way that roof rates are regulated made them extremely controversial and confusing to the consumer. When the state representatives first brought up the idea for a nationwide standard in May of 2021 many consumers were apathetic to the idea, but the heat was on and the debate heated up. During this time the commercial real estate and the residential property owners associations were very vocal in their opposition to the idea. These groups maintained that the uniformity would force up the cost of premiums leading to higher prices for consumers. They also felt that the consumer should not have to pay more for insurance than everyone else simply because their area had a naturally low ceiling or rain fall that compromised the overall efficiency of the building.

Consumers in both houses of Congress supported the cause for Roofing Independence MO but their efforts were in vain. Their counterparts on the other side of the aisle had much more money and much more corporate muscle. Their corporate lobbies poured millions of dollars into their opposition. The final vote in June 2021 was in favor of the uniformity factor. This was the beginning of the end for the independent roofing contractors in Missouri.

When the dust settled from the historic Missouri State election of 2021 the Tea Party movement had already had enough power behind them to put an independent contractor, Arturo Aguilera of Miami, out of business. This was not because they thought he was a bad businessman but because he represented the sort of people that they didn’t want in the state. Arturo Aguilera had been the founder of the Roofing and Shingle Contractors Association. His affiliation with the Koch Brothers and their political patrons made him unqualified to represent the homeowners of Miami-Dade County as the head of his own association.

The best way to insure that you don’t get scammed by a roofing independent contractor is to check him out with the better business bureau before you sign any type of contract. You can check with your city hall to see if there have been complaints filed against any company that you are thinking about doing business with. In addition you can contact the BBB for information on any complaints that have been filed against any roofing company that you are considering. Be aware that not all roofing companies are required by law to disclose their backgrounds so it is your job as the consumer to make sure that you are getting the roofer that will give you the best service possible.

Make sure you understand what the terms of the agreement are when you sign with a roofing independent contractor. Many times you will find that the company will only be in business two or three months and will then close up shop. Don’t assume that this is the way that the industry works because if you were to go to your city hall or BBB and find out that the roofing business is closed for good you would be out of luck when trying to get them to fix any problems for you. Be sure that you are going to the one that is truly independent and is going to stand behind the work that they do. After all, if the company cannot or will not stand behind the work that they have done for you then how can you trust them to do it for someone else?